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Progressive Nutrition Supplements

Adult Diet Balancer

Guaranteed Analysis
$33.99 - 50 lbs 

The Adult Diet Balancer by Progressive Nutrition can be fed alone as the sole concentrate for an "easy keeper". ADB can also be fed in combination with LoCarb or Performance 8 to boost the vitamin/mineral ratio for performance & senior horses.

Low NSC, NO cereal grains

28.0% Crude Protein
04.0% Crude Fat
06.0% Crude Fiber


$40.99 - 15 lb bucket
$4.99 - 8 oz cup

Aqua-Aide is THE sports drink for horses! 
All professional athletes rehydrate with Body Armor, Gatorade or Vitamin Water so why not rehydrate your equine athlete with the hydration they need? 
Potassium, Sodium & a dash of sugar ensure each cell of the horse's body quickly receives the essential vitamins/minerals needed to prevent cramping, prevent dehydration & improve recovery time. 

Envision Classic

$38.99 - 40 lbs

Envision Classic is a concentrated source of fat with controlled levels of starch making it a safe choice, even for horses with EPSM/PSSM. 

15.0% Crude Protein
26.0% Crude Fat
10.5% Crude Fiber

ProAdd Ultimate

$40.99 - 25 lbs

ProAdd is a complete "all-in-one supplement" 
~ Strong hooves 
~ Shiny hair coat
~ Muscled topline
~ Digestive health

55.0% Crude Protein
04.5% Crude Fat
03.0% Crude Fiber

TopLine Xtreme

$109.99 - 15 lbs

Balanced amino acids build & maintain muscle, most visibly along the topline. Performance horse experience an increase in stamina and shorter recovery times so they are fresh for multiple days of competition.  

Soy Free

60.0% Crude Protein
08.0% Crude Fat
01.0% Crude Fiber

Seminole Supplements


Guaranteed Anaylsis
$27.95 - 40 lbs

32.0% Crude Protein
05.0% Crude Fat
05.0% Crude Fiber